The Power of Vacant Houses & How They’ll Change Your Business For The Better

We all know the old method used to find vacant houses, right?

You looked for vacant properties by driving around looking for them. Once you located what appeared to be a vacant house, you’d gaze at the house from the curb, wondering whether it actually was vacant or not just temporarily abandoned by an owner on vacation. Visual clues that the house was vacant were usually obvious to you, such as an untended, overgrown garden and lawn, mounted up newspapers on the porch, overflow of mail in the mailbox, no curtains in the windows, a missing electric meter, etc., etc. However, not all abandoned properties are run down or in need of repair, and those can be quite difficult to spot from the roadside.

Then once you found the property, locating the owner of the vacant property so that you could contact them was no easy task either. Previously you located owners of a vacant property by going to the county clerk’s office during visitors’ hours to look up public and county tax records. A lot of time and energy went into your own research into public records, trying to look up names and phone numbers online or in the phone book — following breadcrumbs until you found and actually could contact the property owner.

As beginning investors will learn and the more experienced already know, investing in vacant houses is a time-consuming, investigative process. Time you are wasting hunting down properties and their missing owners is money you’re not making on real estate deals.

But there is a better way – a faster, easier, more efficient way to find vacant houses and their owners, all throughout the country, so you can start doing more deals accessing the Vacant House Data Feed!

The Vacant House Data Feed is a constantly updated feed of verified vacant houses all across the United States served up to you on a silver platter every month. Membership to the feed gets you instant access to high quality, motivated-seller leads fast.